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Welcome to feed_the_greed, a LJ community completely dedicated to the fabulous show that is Hustle. I am your Moderator, mickey_sixx, and I am proud to announce this Community open!

Are you a big fan of Hustle? Then this is the comminuty for you! You can talk about the show with other fans (me included) and post just about anything you want, Fics, Pics, Icons, Images, or Questions, they are all welcome here.

I have also started to write detailed Transcripts for each episode of the show. I will post these when they are finished, and you will be able to find them in the memories section once they are up.

A big Thank You to babyelefant at overridehelp for coding the layout for me!

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[.] Be Nice. There's nothing worse that getting nasty comments, so please, be nice to each other and ask questions politly. If someone does not agree with your opinion, do NOT go off the rails and start an argument or flaming war. If this happens, I will give a warning to both parties involved. If either party gets into trouble again, I will Ban them, simple as that. Banning also applies if you start arguing with me

[.] Harassment of ANY kind is not allowed

[.]Respect Other Members. It doesn't matter about people's Age, Gender, Sexuality, Background, Religion ect. If I find people being racist or discriminating against others, I will Ban you.

[.] Posts. For long posts or when posting lots of/big images, please use and LJ cut. If you do not know how to use these, see the LJ FAQ. DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS, & liek, dun rite lyke dis, oR tHiS, eItHeR. 1337 k4n 4150 b3 4nn0yin6. Write in English, please! If English isn't your first language, then I will take that into consideration.

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[.] Fanfiction is accepted here, Het, Gen, and Slash. Real-person Fiction ISN'T accepted here.

[.] Please post all Fiction behind a cut. If you do not know how to do this please see the LJ FAQ.

If you would like to post Fanfiction, can you please use the Header template provided:

Author: Can be your real name, LJ username, penname, nickname or email address
Category: Please see below for the Catagory options
Spoilers: Please say if there are Spoliers and include which episode they are from.
Rating: See Below for the rating system
Authors Note: Anything else you want to say about the story. (I would advise you include a Disclaimer in here, just to be on the safe side)

[.] Category - Any combination of the following:

- Alternate Universe (AU)
- Angst
- Bondage;Domination/submission;Masochism (BDSM)
- Crossover (xover; combining characters from two or more different shows)
- Drama
- Established relationship (e/r)
- First time (f/t)
- Futurefic (f/f)
- Humor
- Hurt-Comfort (h/c)
- Plot-what-plot (PWP)
- Nonconsensual (n/c)
- Romance
- Episode-related

[.] Rating System: This Community uses the following rating system:

FRC - Fan Rating suitable for Children
FRT - Fan Rating suitable for Teenager
FRT-13 - Fan Rating suitable for 13 and Up
FRM - Fan Rating for Mature Audiences
FRAO - Fan Rating for Adults only

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You are welcome to post images here, as long as they are to do with Hustle. If you want to post anything else (ie Promo stuff) please ASK before you do so. I will more than likely allow you to post what you want, but it is nice if you ask first.

[.] All Images are to go behind a cut. If you do not know how to do this, please see the LJ FAQ.

[.]You are welcome to post Icons here, as long as you use a Cut (see above link). You are allowed two or three teasers, but everything after that will have to go behind a cut. (You can use fake cuts if you wish)

[.] If you take an Icon, please SAVE TO YOUR OWN SEVER, I cannot stress this enough! DO NOT HOTLINK! If I find out you are, you will be given a warning.

[.] Please give credit to the maker of the icon if you take one. If you do not know, ask!

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